Creativity for the Non-Creative

Everyone is creative on some level. Whether it is with a pen, a brush or a team of people, creativity is measured only by what is produced. Hi, my name is DeBorah Beatty and I am a Creativity Facilitator. I help you find that spark within you can nurture and flame to brilliance, whatever the creative need.

Through my workshops, ARTiculate Your Self and The Starting Artist, I provide a safe space for creativity to unfold.

DreamSpace Arts is where dreams come to play.  It is a safe haven for those who have lost their ability to express that part of themselves that is unique and special. Our dream is to someday build a Healing Center staffed by artisans, therapists, and support staff to help those in need.

We reach out to those who, for one reason or another, illness, abuse, violence or intimidation, have lost themselves and their voices, and provide a pathway for them to restore their hearts and souls and lead created lives of joy and abundance.   If you can donate art supplies or if you would like to be involved with DSA, please contact us. We know we can make this work.

DreamSpace Arts was originally created as a way for DeBorah Beatty to dig her way out of a nasty bout of depression through an escape into small works of art where she could express herself and has committed herself to showing others how to do the same thing.

Now, DreamSpace Arts (DSA) stands as a portal for others to find their voices that have been stolen by illness, abuse or violence.  Won’t you come along on this fabulous journey and help us to make a real difference in the lives of others?